Calibration activities

The Time Laboratory is committed to provide on demand calibration activities of standards and devices normally employed in the Time and Frequency domain.

Among these:

• Remote oscillators calibrations, through GPS and RAI signals;
• On site calibrations, in particular:
‐ Commercial cesium beam standards, rubidium oscillators;
‐ Reference oscillators for electronic Time Interval counters and signal generators;
‐ Synthetized generators;
‐ Time Interval measurement systems
‐ GPS disciplined oscillators;
‐ GPS synchronized oscillators;
‐ Time stamping devices through informatics networks (NTP).
• Characterization of Oscillators frequency Instability.

Furthermore, being INRIM part of the National Calibration System as a primary metrological institute, the Laboratory participates to the accreditation of secondary calibration laboratories, included in the frame of the ACCREDIA system.

In the following table, the Calibration Measurement Capabilities (CMC) in the Time and Frequency domain associated to the INRIM Time and Frequency Laboratory are shown, as recognized in the frame of the Mutual Recognition Arrangement (MRA). At a meeting held in Paris on 14 October 1999, the directors of the national metrology institutes (NMIs) of thirty-eight Member States of the BIPM and representatives of two international organizations signed a MRA for national measurement standards and for calibration and measurement certificates issued by NMIs. A number of other institutes have signed since then. This Mutual Recognition Arrangement is a response to a growing need for an open, transparent and comprehensive scheme to give users reliable quantitative information on the comparability of national metrology services and to provide the technical basis for wider agreements negotiated for international trade, commerce and regulatory affairs.

For details on mentioned Time and Frequency CMC, please, refer to the following link:

Time and Frequency Calibration Measurement Capabilities (CMC-MRA)


Contact persons:

Time and Frequency Area contact person: Davide Calonico – – tel. 011 3919230
Network Time Protocol (NTP) calibration contact person: Giuseppe Vizio – – tel. 011 3919347
Time and Frequency calibration contact person: Roberto Costa – – tel. 011 3919240


MiFID II (Market in Financial Instruments Directive) / MIFIR
INRIM is able to provide the traceability to UTC for financial users according to the forthcoming regulation “MiFID II”
contact person: Davide Calonico – – tel. 011 3919230